Why are love handles so hard to lose?

How can I lose my love handles? Why is it so hard to lose it?
I’ve lost about 30 lbs, my entire body is pretty fit now except my fat waist. I think I’m having a difficult time, it seems that I can’t get rid of the weird love handles no matter what I do. What are some exercises that target love handles? Any suggestion and tips to shed waist fat?

Opinions on “Why are love handles so hard to lose?”

  1. For many females and males, the midsection usually is the first area to gain fat and the last area to lose it. You need to work out your entire body to get rid of it. Cardio workouts are your best bet. Go running, and do crunches.

  2. if you want to target your waist, hula hoop. if you can’t keep a hula hoop up (like me) that’s okay, just do the hula hoop movement for about ten minutes every day and the fat should come off. i did this, and, though i have fat to lose in most other places, my waist is now nearly void of fat.

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