How to Not Get Discouraged While Trying to Lose Weight

There are a lot of people get discouraged while trying to lose weight. Because they cannot see results right away. They feel stuck and are sick of it.  In fact, no people can become fit over night. If you try to lose weight by doing regular exercise and eating a healthy diet, it does take time and effort to burn off those excess fat and tone up your muscle.
But how not to get discouraged when you do not see weight loss results? How can you stick to your weight loss plan?

1, Do you do something wrong?

  • Do you exercise enough?

If you do cardios, it is recommended to do more than 30 minutes each time. Because your body mainly use sugar as energy during the first 20 – 30 minutes of your exercise, and it starts burning fat after that.
If you don’t do weights, you’d better combine weight lifting with your cardios, it help you burn fat more quickly.

  • Is there any problem with your diet?

You should eat all nutrients. Don’t remove fat from your diet, you should eat fat, but only eat healthy fat, such as olive oil, not those fried foods. Cut out all sweet snacks. Usually you’ve already had enough carbs from your meals, so those sweet snacks are not necessary. Don’t skip meals, it slows down your metabolism.

2, Tips to stay motivated.

  • Don’t weigh yourself everyday. Generally speaking, you won’t see big difference if you use the scale to weigh yourself everyday. And sometimes, even no difference. This can make you get discouraged. Weigh yourself weekly or every two weeks. In fact, you should focus on fat loss, not weight loss. Sometimes, you’ve lost fat, but your weight remain the same. Because you gain some muscle. However, you actually become fitter.
  • Find a weight loss partner.
  • Don’t think of it as weight loss. All you are doing now is for a better life. Because you want better health, you want to live healthier and longer, but not only for losing pounds.

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