How to Motivate My Husband to Lose Weight?

“My husband has bad eating habit and does not like to exercise at all, he has gained a lot of fat and is 60+ pounds overweight now. I am worrying about his health and I want him to be healthy. The problem is every time I try to inspire him to try to lose weight, he always has excuses, any tips on what can I do and how can I do to motivate my hubby to lose weight? What is the best way to motivate him to do exercise together with me?”
Do you face the same problem?

Here are a few tips for you.

  • No press.

Some people hate being pressured. Do not ask him to lose weight all the time.
Just tell him you are concerned about his health, but no nagging.

  • Let him know why is obesity dangerous to health.

Buy a book that is about health dangers of obesity. Place it where he can see it easily.

  • Try fun things.

Try to find some things that your husband like to do and make him be more active, such as boating with family members. It is easier to motivate him to do things he is fond of.

  • Play games with your kids.

If you have kids, tell your kids to ask their dad to play games with them. And maybe walking outside after dinner.

  • Plan a beach vacation.

Maybe he will realize he is too fat.

  • Don’t buy junk foods.

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