How to Lose Weight But Not Bulk Up

Want to lose weight but not bulk up?
Want to know what are the best things you can do to slim down without bulking up?
If yes, then you should read this article.

There are many people, especially females, want to get rid of fat that cover on their thighs, arms, waist, but they just want to look slim and tone up, but not gaining much muscle and look bulky.
Well, when trying to lose body fat, doing cardio exercise a lot is the best thing you can do. Cardio exercises such as swimming and cycling are great for burning calories and won’t bulk you up.
To avoid gaining too much muscle, you should not do heavy weight training, because weight training is mainly for developing muscle.

There is one thing you should know, more muscle help you burn more calories. So, doing some light weight training is good for speeding up your fat loss and also help you tone up. With that being said, if you are afraid of gaining more muscle, just stop doing weights.

Generally speaking, light strength training won’t make you be muscular. Without weight training, it takes you more time to get rid of body fat.

For those females who are afraid of gaining muscle mass by exercising, please don’t worry about this, it is difficult for you to get muscular body like man, because you are lack of testosterone.

For eating, protein is the main source for building muscle. If you don’t want to get muscle mass, don’t consume much protein.

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