How Many Pounds to Lose an Inch Off Your Waist

“For losing an inch off your waist, how many pounds do you have to lose?”

Some people say it is about 5 – 10 lbs to shed to lose one inch off waist.
With that being said, it is really hard to give an answer. Because every person has a different body. When losing weight, some people may lose it in thighs first, some may lose it in stomach first, some may lose it in waist first… We have no control over this, we don’t know where the fat will come off first.

And we are unable to target waist fat by doing any exercise. What we can do is stick to a dieting and exercising plan to lose fat steadily until we see visible fat loss from waist.

Sometimes, there is a chance that we can lose inches without losing weight. Because we may lose fat and gain muscle at the same time, and fat takes up more volume than muscle for the same amount of weight.

So, it is hard to say how many lbs to lose one inch off your waist, thighs, or hips…

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