How Long Do I Have to Starve Myself to Lose 20 Pounds

Can you starve yourself to lose weight? Yes, it is sure that you can drop fat by starvation. Because you do not take in calories, you body need to burn fat and muscle to get the energy to help you survive. After the fat and muscle burned, you lose weight.

To lose 1 lbs of fat, you have to cut down about 3500 calories. Usually, a person need 1200 to 3000 calories a day, however, this is just an estimated number, you may need more than that or less. So, if you want to starve yourself to lose weight, you can calculate by yourself to get an estimated result.
Say you need 1750 calories a day, if you want to lose 10 lbs of fat, that is about 35000 calories, you should starve yourself for 35000/1750=20 days. However, we calculate it with a simple way, it is not accurate. In fact, it is more complicated than this. Here I just want to tell you that you have to starve yourself for many days to lose 20 pounds. Most people cannot bear the weak feeling after a few days’ starvation.

And there is an more important thing you should know.
Though you can reduce weight by starvation, but it is just short term result, in the long run, it is difficult for you to lose weight by starving yourself.
Just answer this question:
How how long can you starve yourself? 3 days? 5 days? A week?
No matter how long you can starve yourself, it is no doubt that you will go back to normal eating sooner or later. When you eat again, you gain fat very fast, because the starvation make your body goes into a starvation mode, your body will try to store as much fat as it can, so you gain more fat after you stop starving, and you look flabbier since you have more fat but less muscle.

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