How can I lose my flabby tummy? What is the quickest way to get rid of it and tone up? Exercise, diet, or operartion?

I want to lose the flab on my tummy and have a firm belly. I heard walking, running, doing sit-ups, crunches are the best ways to tone up a flabby stomach, do these exercises really work? or what any other better workouts should I do to get rid of it? And is belly fat reduction operation safe? Is it the quickest way to get a nice flat tummy?


To get a flat, firm tummy, you have to LOSE FAT + TONE UP ABS.
Sit-ups, ab crunches, pilates can help you tone up your abs effecively.
But to lose tummy fat, you have to do full body cardio workouts, like running, swimming, jogging, cycling… There is no specific workout that can help you spot reduce fat. When you are doing exercise, the fat is cutting from all over your body.
Exercise for 30 min to an hour about 4 times a week, do not make yourself too tired.
For eating, eat fresh fruit(banana is good), veggie, fish, lean means; cut down sugar, soda, high fat foods.
If you keep eating good diet and exercising, it make take 2-4 weeks to see some results. But it may take longer to completely lose your fat tummy.
BTW, operation is not the best way to go, since it is not very safe.

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