Does Walking or Running on a Treadmill Flatten Your Tummy?

“Can you walk or run on a treadmill to flatten your tummy?
Does treadmill help you lose weight on your stomach and make it tight?”

It is possible to use the treadmill to walk or run off your tummy fat. But if you want to lose only stomach flab, it is impossible.
Waking and running on a treadmill are as great as other cardio exercises for shedding fat. However, it burns fat from your whole body, you are unable to keep fat on other body parts and lose just tummy fat. Not treadmill exercises nor other workouts will help you achieve this. Don’t expect you can find a workout that can help you eliminate fat on a particular area, because there isn’t any. This has been proven. So, don’t waist your time.

But if you have just fat stomach, or you want to get rid of fat all over your body, then yes, this is good way for tummy reduction.

Treadmill exercise tips:
Remember to exercise at least 30 minutes. It is said that it takes about 30 minutes to get your body enter into fat burning mode when you are doing cardios.
An you can also try “interval training” on treadmill. There are many people believe that interval training are better than cardios when trying to burn fat. You can exercise like this: warm up, then walk, then sprint, then walk, then sprint…

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