Can you wear a corset to make waist smaller?

Does a corset make your waistline smaller?
There are many girls and women have this question. Here is some info for you if you are in the market for a corset to lose inches off your waist.


  • A corset does make your waist appear smaller when you are wearing it.
  • If you wear it for years, maybe it can reshape your body.


  • When you take off the corset, your body shape goes back like before if you seldom wear it, or just wear it for a short period of time. Don’t expect you can get a hourglass body shape after a few months’ wearing.
  • Wearing tight corset may cause hard breathing.
  • Wearing tight corset may harm your back muscle.
  • Wearing corset may hurt your rib cage.
  • Wearing corset may cause spinal problem.
  • You will feel uncomfortable while wearing a corset.

It is no problem to wear a corset occasionally when you have something special, like a party. But you’d better not wear it for a long period of time. It is not a good idea to shrink your waist by wearing a corset.

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